Red Fort needs no introduction. It is a UNESCO inscribed World Heritage Site which speaks volume about its cultural value. It is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Delhi. When constructed, Yamuna flowed by the boundaries of the fort complex which has now given way to Ring Road.

Do I recommend a visit here? Yes I do. Because I love my city for its cultural and heritage treasure troves.

Throne of Mughal

Red Fort also happens to be the last of historical cities established in Delhi. It was - as was the tradition of rulers building their own capital - established as the capital of Mughal Empire by Shah Jahan and named ShahJahanabad.

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Alas the old gives way to new and so the material from nearby Firozabad (now in ruins and known as Firuz Shah Kotla) which happened to be the fifth city of Delhi established by Firuz Shah Tughlaq, were salvaged to construct this sprawling red sandstone palace complex.

The structures that today stand inside Red Fort are in dilapidated state as the entire complex and structures of note inside - which were adorned with precious stone and gems - were ransacked and looted by British Soldier when the 1857 rebellion was quelled.

Diwan-i Khas, Red Fort, Delhi 02

The structures now stand desolate and forlorn in the sprawling complex devoid of their glory but looking at Diwan-i-Aam and Divan-iKhas which are built in white marble as typical of Mughal Architecture after Shah Jahan came to rule the empire - you could get a glimpse of the awe these would once have inspired. Same is the case with Zenanas and various pleasure gardens and pavillions.

Do not miss out on Mumtaj Mahal and Naqqar Khana which have been converted into museums and houses various artifacts from Mughal era.

The fort is easily accessible and the nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk. Numerous buses also ply on this route.

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BTW, Red Fort is a paid monument and will cost you INR 10 if you are an Indian and INR 250 if you are a foreigner.