My friends say I have springs in my feet. They say so because I could not sit still. I was bitten by the travel bug ever since my first trip (or more appropriately my first trek) to Dodital in Uttarakhand with my college friends.

It’s not that I didn’t use to travel before. As far back as I can remember, I was always traveling, thanks to my dad’s job. I used to explore jungles, hills and streams but those were more of a childish escape e, sometimes from home and later from school.

Traveling took a serious turn after the Dodital trek and every weekend our close knit group of friend would vanish from Delhi to be footloose in Himalayas…we loved Garhwal.

But traveling has taken a toll since I have entered professional life - You see the corporate slave, held on a tight leash.

So out of blue moon, when one of my colleagues proposed that we should go to Prayag Kumbh Mela on one extended weekend, the temptation was simply irresistible.

Here’s a brief intro to Kumbh if you are not aware.

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